“BROTHERS ENTERPRISES”, with Registered Office at Willingdon Island and a Branch in Tuticorin (World Trade Avenue) with a 20 crore turnover per annum needs no introduction at to the Cochin Shipping Trade as it has now evolved from its start in 1983 to become one among the leading TERMINAL OPERATORS at Cochin handling about 3000 TEUS/month.

Brothers Enterprises started functioning in early 1983 under the Proprietorship of "Shri. JOSEY KADATHOUS " in the Major Port of Cochin, providing the services of Terminal Operations, to major lines. Shri. Josey was a great visionary and his far-sighted development planning paved the way for Brothers to expand and spread BROTHERS ENTERPRISES activities to other fields. After the demise of Shri. Josey Kadathous, the business at BROTHERS ENTERPRISES has been structured into 3 Individual “STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS (SBU’s) and it has been registered as a Partnership firm.

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