Terminal Operations including Empty
Container movement from IGTL YARD to Private Yard or vice versa, Handling Pool Labour at ICD Container by Rail and at Wharf, at Private yard, Shipping Bill Endorsement etc., A team of experienced Supervisors monitor the movement  of the Containers at frequent intervals round the clock    to ensure uninterrupted movement of vehicles till delivery  at the destination end.


Have been  the Pioneers in the Coastal Cargo Transportation and handles over 1000 TUES/month.  With over 60 Trailors and 10 Trucks to give uninterrupted logistic services to the door of our Customers, manned with a team of ace and experienced Drivers .We render our service round the clock with speed accuracy,safety and promptness.


Brothers Enterprises are the authorized License Holders of Naval Ship Repair Yard, Naval Base, Cochin for Mechanical and Maintenance Services and entrusted with this work as and when required.  We own two fully equipped workshops, manned by experienced and qualified workers, One at w/island and another at Nettoor to attend to the repairs and maintenance of our fleet of vehicles and connected works at NSRY which provide un interrupted and prompt services with quality.

We are the authorized container repairing agencies for repair and maintenance of  International containers and coastal cargo containers. We are associated with Bay Container Terminal a leading container handling yard.

FRIEGHT FORWARDERS in the International segment we handle around 100 Container per month.

Importers and Exporters
De-stuffing wing – around 180 Workers to   give continuous De-stuffing service.

4.  Warehousing facilities:
 Aluva:We have about 22000 sq.ft. of warehousing facilities  and handled their work of Receiving of goods and stocking.

Willingdon Island: About  5000 sq.ft. of warehousing facilities is available  in Willingdon Island.

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